Saturday, October 11, 2008

Nature photos

Alrighty, well today I went walking around my neighborhood and the park near my house. I have permission to use my mom's camera now, now I took that with me so I could take pictures of the beautiful world around us, something I havn't done since my camera broke. Now either me or my mom have those fancy pants Canon brand cameras with the awesome quality, so don't criticize me on that too much please. :) Once I get my camera back from Radioshack, I will put pictures that I took in Maui on my blog. :)

Here's what I took with a Nikon Coolpix:

Those are my three favorite berry pictures.

Here we have a leaf against the sky:

And now my favorite, the flowers:


Kelli said...

love love love :)youre reallly good, next time i come over we should go take pictures or somthing

ill let you use my canon rvdfsue

Rachelle said...

:) :) :) Cool!! That would be awesome! I get to learn from the pro! ;)

Kelli said...

haha, oh how i wish i was pro. :)

Diana said...

You definitely have an artist's eye. I love all of the angles and perspectives!