Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Here is a painting of flower I did a few weeks ago. It isn't very good, just like most of the things that I do, but I will keep practicing! Someday I will be good!! :)

I really love using flowers as subjects in my art, especially in photography. They are just so colorful and happy and beautiful. Each different kind of flower reminds me of a person that I know; Corrin is a jasmine, my aunt Diana is a morning glory, my brother parker reminds me of rosemary flowers... and so on it goes. If you know me and you aren't listed here, feel free to ask me. :)

This next picture is a drawing I did with inspiration from my friend Corrin. I suppose it looks like her a bit, but it isn't supposed to look exactly like her. :)


David Lyman said...

I love the photo realism of this one. It looks real! Keep it real man.

waverly smithers said...

awsome!!!! ur the best!!!!!c u at school!
-Wavrly smithers

Anonymous said...

The flower painting is actually really good, and your people drawing skills are awesome but this is coming from someone who can only draw stick figures so not much of a compliment :)

Diana said...

First of all, the flower closeup was beautiful, ya dork!! I wish I could draw half as good! The one that looks like your friend could totally be in cartoons. You do work that looks every bit as good as an animator! I hate you! LOL!

Ps- Awe, I LOVE morning glorys!! : )

delliracario said...

what kind of flower am i?
-derrick :p