Thursday, October 23, 2008

Four Drawings!! Whoo!

Hello Everyone! I took home my art portfolio from school today, so I was able to take pictures of some of my favorite drawings I have done at school! YAY! :) I'll post my self portrait on here within a few days, so keep checking back!

This first drawing is, yes, obviously a chair. :)
But I did not draw the chair itself, but the space around it. The chair you see is just the result of drawing negative space. :) I just erased around it so it pops out.

The second one is a drawing of my hand. It was kind of hard doing all of the detail, but it was really fun to do! :)

the next drawing on the left is my friend Sammy. I really like how this turned out. Her eyes are so pretty and it was really hard to get that in! I was erasing like crazy! It was worth it though, because it looks almost exactly like her! :) :)

And last, but not least is a drawing of some houses by the art room at my school. We did this drawing to practice drawing angles and sighting, a technique used by some artists. Getting the shading right was tricky, but in the end I think I got it OK. :D


Anonymous said...

Those are mad drawing skills, I love all of them!

Rachelle said...

Thanks! :)

smithers said...

wait a minute !!!!! when r u going to mention me in one of those things!!1 come on now !!! its just mot fair