Friday, June 11, 2010

A disappointment

The disappointment? in order to not break my amazing spree of updating my blog everyday, i'm just gonna talk and not post any of my interestingly bad art works. I haven't done any art today- i've been busy ice skating with emily, haley, ashley, briana, kyle, and daniel. =) you know, I really enjoy ice skating a lot. and when there aren't a lot of people on the ice, then ZOOOOOOOOOM! I'm a speed demon. =D I might even want to do that as a sport someday, speed-skating. I don't really fall anymore, just once in a blue moon.

you know what always gets me really parinoid, though? Small children on the ice. They always just decide to fall like right in front of me! And every time I'm like "SH*T! SH*T! I don't want to be the a$$ hole who runs over this little dude's arm!!" And so I end up amazingly leaping over them like the gazelle on ice that i am while they cower in fear from the freaking blades of doom on my feet like inches away from their face. And I always stick the landing. Even though I have absolutely no idea how. Because I mean, I skate for speed, not leaping and twirling like those little girls in their "way too short for any age" ice skating outfits.

And I understand that going ice skating is a great place for a date, but do they always have to play like a million love songs? Everytime I go I think the dude who D.J.'s the music like knows I'm there and tries to mess with me. (That's actually a really funny comic idea... I'll draw that and post it up later or something. ) He's back there with his little D.J. buddies and see's me and is like "alright, time for some slooooow songs" might as well give a shout out for me, too.... "Alright guys, you see this chick right here? Nobody wants to date her! AHAHAHAHA! *cough cough* yeeeeaaah soooo uh... lets all make her feel stupid, okay? cool, cool" =P Lol this actually is not out of anger or being upset because I'm single or anything, I honestly find my situations at the ice station hilarious. But as a comedian once told me : "When you're single, all you see are couples. And when you're part of a couple, all you see are hookers."

Wow so sorry guys that this post has been long and rambling, but hey it made me smile writing it and hopefully it made you smile reading it. =)

" Sweet little bumble bee, i know what you want from me. (doop di doop di doop dah dah, doop di doop di doop dah dah)!" haha that's the song that has been stuck in my head since ice skating .=P
And here is that very same song, just in case you were thinking "WOW! that seems like a pretty awesome song! I do wish there was a convienient video that I may click on to hear it!" =)

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