Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bookmark contest pics... and a bowl of wiener dogs.

wow, yeah sorry it has taken me forever to post, but as I promised in my last post; pictures of my first place bookmark. (note: all entries had to be in black and white, that's why it doesn't have any color.)
Me in front of the library with my blue ribbon

My bookmark (which i don't think is that great...)

and last but not least; a bowl of wiener dogs... which has nothing to do with anything... except wiener dog art... I like wiener dogs. :) or as twelve people in the world still prefer to call them: dachshunds .


Kelli said...

way cute picture of you :) nice bookmark too!

Delli said...

what do you mean it has no color. they all have color :)

Rachelle said...

I meant my bookmark wasn't in color, Delli. :P

Delli said...

ooooh. ok :) :P haha