Monday, December 22, 2008

mall pictures and a project entry

I went to the mall on Friday with a few friends. I didn't get a whole lot of pictures except for the ones posted below.

From left to right: Corrin, Me, and Delli (Derrick) He sneaked in. =)

This last one is my entry for this contest thing at my school. If I win it gets turned into a painting and is presented on graduation day!*crosses fingers* I still have work to do on it, though, because, as you can see, the middle is really rough looking, and the left cougar needs a better color job. other than that, I'm almost done!! =)


Kelli said...

goood luck on the contest! :}

Delli said...

haha. u put me on there. yay :) i was like a secret agent in that one pic