Sunday, November 16, 2008

colored pencil doodleys

I think the first one, El fiesta banana, is my favorite doodle of the day, what do you think? ;)

crab apple
pinkey elephant
purple n pink bear cat apple eater
orange tabby... thing
apple buddy


Kelli said...

hahaha their all cute. my fav. is the elephant. their my fav. i want one as a pet :)

potato farm girl said...

These are very funny and awesome! I think Crab Apple is my favorite!

David Lyman said...

Yeah, El Banana is bueno (I can almost hear the mariachi version of "peanut butter jelly time!"! But my fav is the Orange Tabby with the CLAWS! Hey! you got a comment from Brianne Drouhard!!!

Diana said...

They are all so cute!!! I love the kitty!!! Too tough to just pick one though!