Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yet another election day... Oh the fun we will have.

Voting day is FINALLY here. FINALLY!! If I hear one more proposition eight commercial I might just eat my foot. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE, America is going through this major money crisis and you care whether or not gay people get married?!? No wonder we have a problem!!! Anyway, I found a funny voting picture thing. No, I am not putting this because I support the republican party, which, by the way, I don't. But why would you care?? I'm not even old enough to vote! But anywhoo, please enjoy the funnyful cat picture. :)


Kelli said...

people care if gays can marry because they should have the rights too. we may have huge money problems but there are a lot of other problems facing this country too, and i believe gay marriages is one of them.

okay enough of that, it was good to see you on halloween.

Diana said...

That picture is the funniest thing! I laughed so hard!

Rachelle said...

I'm not saying that they shouldn't be able to get married, personally, I think it sucks that prop. eight got passed.

p.s. nice seeing you on halloween too. :) psh, even though you didn't say goodbye to me when you left! ;)

Kelli said...

i love how mature you are for your age!! :)

Rachelle said...

Lol! thanks. ^-^